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May 20
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kilchoman is a Scotch whisky distillery. The distillery, which began production in June 2005, was the first to be built on the island of Islay in 124 years. Kilchoman’s whisky is completely produced on site – from barley fields to bottling – at Rockside Farm on the west coast of the northern part of the island.

Kilchoman intends to release 5-, 8-, 10-, and 12-year-old bottlings. The whisky will primarily age in bourbon casks, though Sherry casks will also be employed.

The Kilchoman web page is very distinct, not at all corporate, it reads more like a new-age retreat ad.

Kilchoman is totally unique in that the whole production process is carried out on site. The barley (Optic & Chalice varieties) are grown at Rockside Farm, malted, distilled, matured and eventually bottled at the distillery.
In year 1 we will be producing 35,000 litres of alcohol (approx. 250 casks) steadily increasing until by year 5 we will be up to 80,000 LOA (approx. 650 casks), which will be our maximum production level per annum
We malt barley in 4 tonne batches and production levels in the first couple of year’s will require 3 x 1 tonne mashes and 6 distillations per week.
Draff will be fed to the cattle on the farm and waste sprayed on the fields.

A bit of news, interesting for a distillery priding itself on self-sufficiency.

“Kiln Fire

Unfortunately we had a fire in the kiln building the other week. The malt drying on the floor caught fire and has destroyed the kiln, but luckily with quick and professional manner in which the fire brigade acted the fire was contained and didn’t spread to any other part of the distillery. This unfortunate incident hasn’t prevented us from staying in production as we had built up a stock of malt. It will be a few months before the kiln is back in action and until then we are hoping to persuade the Port Ellen Maltings to malt our barley”

The first barrel was filled 14 December 2005.

I just heard a reference to this and had to post. The US secret service has Bruichladdich distillery under observation becuase their new product is “just a small tweak” from a chemical weapon. There may be a better article, but follow here for an overview.

History & Overview: Balvenie Castle is located in Glen Fiddich. The castle changed hands several times but has never seen any sieges or battles. The Black Comyn’s, Earls of Buchan held the castle and ruled the ancient Celtic province in the 1200’s. Robert the Bruce wiped out the Comyns in his fight for the Scottish throne. The castle apparently stood vacant for a few years before the Black Douglasses took up residence in the early 1400’s. King James II caused the next turnover around 1455. He wiped out the Douglasses and assigned the province to a kinsman. In 1720 the castle was abandoned. The top view shows the entrance to the buildings, the curtain wall no longer stands. The bottom, is a view from the inside of the courtyard towards the front gate. There is also a very impressive moat surrounding the castle, (no water).

From its strategically significant position in the Glen, Balvenie Castle allowed the immensely powerful Black Comyn earls to rule over this Celtic province for more than a century. Though there were no famous sieges or notable battles here, this would have appeared a striking fortification to anyone approaching it for the first time: as it still is today.

I’ve read a couple emails and posts congratulating Bro. Bop on the new web site. This is my first opportunity to really do anything with it and the post title shows my reaction. Great Job Bop.

It just looks too cool for words, and the ability communicate with the Keepers without resorting to “reply all” has improved the total quality of my life.