…let me lobby for a couple of single malts to be included in our next tasting.

First though, I’m acting on some assumptions/rumors. Namely, that we will be having our next tasting at the private club up north where they have some ungodly huge single malt selection and that our tasting will be themed around the Northern Highlands.

Anyway, given the above, please let me lobby for:


Brora is the silent still sister distillery to Clynelish. It is the heavier peated of the two. So, since it’s silent and heavily peated, if it’s available at this private club I say go for it even above and beyond Clynelish. Think of Brora as the Port Ellen of the Northern Highlands. If they only have Clynelish go with that.

My final lobbying effort is:


Ironically, for the opposite reasons of Brora. Balblair is an active distillery, actively marketing it’s single malts and not just being a ho to the blenders. Just because we don’t see it on the shelves on Sam’s doesn’t mean we should overlook distilleries like this. If this private club has such a great selection of single malts then Balblair should be on it and we should seize the opportunity to taste it ahead of other Northern Highlands such as Dalmore and Glenmorangie.

Ok…one more while we’re at it.

Old Pulteney

This one is available at Sam’s but it’s retail price point scares off us snobs in the KOTQ – too low, must not be good. Well I say let’s find out!

In summary, if we are doing a Northern Highlands at a place with a great selection I would love to see:

Old Pulteney

Thanks Brothers Bluff and Irving for listening 😀