I’m pleased to announce that I have successfully upgraded the underlying blog software beneath kotq.org, wordpress, to its latest version – 2.5.1. This represents an enormous leap from the prior version. You will mostly notice the differences when you go into the “admin” area to post your homework as a new posting in the blog. The dashboard and admin area look much different and work for the better imho.

However, the most important reasons that I even attempted this upgrade are:

a) I wanted to eliminate whatever security hole existed (in the prior version) for spammers to exploit in order to spam comments into our blog/database. I will be monitoring the comments to see if this upgrade was all that was needed to patch that security hole. If not, since we are on the latest version, I can utilize the developer forums to see what else may need to be done to patch the hole.

b) I wanted to demonstrate that we can run on the latest version so that when we move hostings to Chas’ provider there was no problem with wordpress version conflict between our site and the hosting’s version of wordpress. Additionally, in executing this upgrade it confirms my complete understanding as to what ALL of the files are that comprise our web site. I am now completely confident that I will be able to migrate the web site/application over to another hosting environment without any problems.