They are Port Charlotte and Kilchoman!

Port Charlotte, an extension of Bruichladdich, will be a purpose-built “distillery” referencing the nearby long-closed Lochindaal distillery (thanks to Brother Balgam for that), and will be using the dismantled equipment from the Inverleven distilleries as well as Bruichladdich’s maltings. Bruichladdich will implement these expressions as brand extensions bottled as heavily-peated single malts: PC5 through PC 12.

Kilchoman (pronounced kilhoman) is an artisan distillery operating on its own farmland (Rockside Farms) and only using local ingredients. Its aim is to be a highly charactered single malt heavy in peat (40 ppm) and become the new classic taste of Islay. Its August 2009 release (a 3yo) won a cask strength award (the BIG award) last month.