glencairn glass by stolzle

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a source for Glencairn glasses.  In doing a little research for the upcoming launch of KotQ Colorado, I found a local restaurant supply which has the Stolzle Glencairn glasses.

Upside: Only $5.50 each.

Downside: minimum 4 doz.

I was wondering if anyone was interested in upgrading their glassware and would like to go in on a case.   I don’t at this point need 48 glasses.  I’m also not sure if the Glencairn thing is just a fad or a legitimate new glass type, but I do know that I use my glasses from Whiskeyfest all the time. They seem to be better for tasting than rocks glasses, although I do still use my Waterford just for the mass in hand.

If interested please contact me via email.