Of course we know that Springbank makes both Springbank and Longrow, making up 2/3s of the Campbeltown expressions. But there is much more going on. :

There are many new expressions coming out. Some quotes from press releases:

“To us that is, as the year 2003 marks the 175th anniversary of the Springbank Distillery. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will be releasing a special bottling of 12 year old Springbank. The 175th Anniversary Bottling will be released in April but in the meantime we hope you will join us in raising a toast to Scotland’s oldest independent distillery and its continued success over the next 175 years!�

“The new Longrow 10 Year Old (1992 distillation) is also being bottled in July. This year they have combined the bourbon and sherrywood bottlings available in the past to create a single, more balanced style. Special cask strength bottlings under their Wood Expressions label are also planned for future release. Product shots and tasting notes for all of these bottlings will appear shortly.�

“The new Springbank 15 Year Old has finally been bottled (June / July 2002) and is already selling well in some of markets. The 15 Year Old is the perferct compliment to the Springbank 10 Year Old and gives a much more rounded look to their range of products. The 15 Year Old is mainly matured in sherry casks (about 80%), with the remainder coming from bourbon barrels, and has a much darker colour than the 10 Year Old. Availanility in both 2002 and 2003 will be VERY limited so be sure to stock up whilst you can! “

Another new movement is the introduction of the Wood Expressions series which will consist of all 3 single malts in various wood finishes.

“The first bottling in Springbank’s ‘Wood Expressions’ series was released in April this year. The whisky for this bottling was matured in demerara rum barrels for over 5 years during which time it acquired a distinctive green tinge and an intriguing spicy-sweet character. Released at cask strength, all 5700 bottles sold out in a matter of weeks. Springbank fans in the USA please note stock should appear on retail shelves in September. 3) “

“Another new release in the coming months is the next in the ‘Wood Expressions’ series. A 13 year old Springbank, this ‘Wood Expression’ has been aged 3 years in Port pipes after maturing 10 years in refill casks. The port has made a big impression in the three years yet a balance is maintained between wine and whisky. Only those of you living in Europe (but outwith the UK) will be fortunate enough to be able to buy this particular bottling. The rest of you though, fear not, your turn will come! “

GlenGyle Distillery

Work is progressing well at an exciting new distilling project. Up to date images will soon appear of the refurbishing work being carried out at the GlenGyle Distillery under the supervision of Frank McHardy, Springbank Distillery Manager. The original distillery closed in 1925 but, under the ownership of J & A Mitchell & Co Ltd, it re0pened early in 2004.
Kilkerran is the name that has been chosen for the single malt to be produced at Mitchell’s Glengyle Ltd.
Why Kilkerran? Well, for two reasons. Firstly, because the name Glengyle is already used for a Vatted Highland malt and Mitchell’s Glengyle Ltd. were not able to buy the rights to use the name. They also wished to avoid any possible confusion between the newest Single Malt to come from the Campbeltown region and a pre-existing vatted Highland malt. Secondly, and more importantly, Mitchell’s Glengyle Ltd. are very proud to be continuing and adding to the great Campbeltown Distilling tradition and the choice of name reflects that. Kilkerran is derived from the Gaelic ‘Ceann Loch Cille Chiarain’ which is the name of the original settlement where Saint Kerran had his religious cell and where Campbeltown now stands. Kilkerran is thought to be a suitable name for a new Campbeltown Malt since it was unusual for the old Campbeltown distilleries to be called after a Glen, a custom more usually associated with the Speyside region.